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Planning event or meeting

When your ministry is ready to host an event or meeting, here is the approval process.

Send an email to your staff pastor,, and with the following information:

  • proposed date and time and preferred room.
  • The use of any room in the church facility must be scheduled through this process. Spaces will be approved on the basis of availability. 
  • Please talk with Tim ahead of time if any tech and audio will be used for your event. 
  • If your event requires any promotion (website, social media, handouts), please email submit the details at at least two weeks before the date you want items. The communications ministry will follow up with you after it’s been submitted! The more details you give the better. 
  • The leadership pastors will designate the communication channels available for each event and that info will be sent to you after you submit the event form. 

Budgets and spending

When your ministry needs to spend money, talk to your staff pastor about the plan. Once it’s approved, they will provide you with the Budget Request Form.
Pastors & Ministry Leaders

For a full list of leadership pastors, staff pastors, and ministry leaders along with their emails, please click the button below.

Click here for the contact page.
Church Communications

If your ministry wants advertisements, fliers, handouts, etc that are not associated with a specific meeting/event, please discuss it with your staff pastor. Once the idea has been approved via their leadership pastor, you can submit details to

The church will design and print all materials after the leadership pastors have approved the information. A good rule of thumb is if the public or church family will see it, it must go through the process. (If it’s an internal document to help with your ministry, it does not—example: calendar, weekly bible study notes,etc.) When your ministry is running low on business cards, please email and we will reorder them in the next batch.

Gmail & Google Workspace
Download Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Gmail apps on your phone or device to make things work easier.

Click here to access Gmail.

Click here to access Google Drive. (Click the "go to drive" button.)

Click here to access the internal LifeSource Calendar. (You will need to be logged into your LifeSource Google Account to view.)

Download Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Drive, and Gmail apps on your phone or device to make things work easier. Use your email address to login to these apps.


The button below will open the Google Drive folder where the final approved covenants for each ministry are stored. You can share the link to your individual ministry's convenant from that folder by opening your covenant and sharing the link to your PDF file. 

If you have any questions, please email

Click here to access the Covenants folder